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    I just have a quick question about the process of renewing the Plus plugin. I got an email reminding me that the Plus plugin license will be expiring within the next 30 days and if I want to renew the license and get a 30% discount, etc.

    So I logged in and renewed the license because I wish to continue to receive updates. I clicked on license renewal and entered the license key, making sure that the discount was applied bringing the amount down from 39.95 to 27.96 which was correct.

    I got the purchase confirmation showing the correct amount charged.

    My question is:

    On the purchase confirmation screen, is it possible to have it say, “License Renewal Successful” rather than just “Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin – Single Site License – Weaver Xtreme Plus Plugin”?  The wording seems a little confusing to me because it feels like I’m purchasing the license for the first time when I want to just renew the license I already purchased.

    Also, since the plugin on my website is already at the current version 2.1.4, do I have to do anything else on the associated website where the it is currently active and installed since I noticed a download link for 2.1.4.

    Thank you so much,



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