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    In Weaver II the mobile menu folds out all menu items when you click on the Menu. Is there a way to make only the parent items fold out – and then the submenu items, when clicking on the parent? 
    Hope that makes sense – hard to explain.

    Best Katrine


    I believe what you are describing is the way the Mobile slide open menu works in Xtreme.

    To be sure go to the Xtreme demo site and check the mobile menu functionality.

    If this is what you meant, then you have your answer, Upgrade to Xtreme 🙂


    Okay. Maybe I should give it a try. I’ve installed it many times but always go back to Weaver II – I loooove Weaver II :dizzy: 

    This current site is nearly finished though – so don’t think I will do the upgrade for this one.

    And this is the only way? No workaround? 


    One of the significant enhancements of Weaver Xtreme was the improved mobile menu.

    Weaver II is in end-of-life, and will not get new features, especially for the menus.


    If you love weaver II, there is no reason you would not love Xtreme Equally. They really use the exact same philosophy, and if anything features have been rationalized, and you have more capabilities.

    yes there is always a small learning curve when there are changes, but between weaver II and Xtreme, there is really nothing major, and it is worth the effort.

    Time to move forward 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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