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    I purchased the Weaver Plus Plugin for my test site because I wanted to easily style a logo image and the primary menu together above the header which I was able to do by reading the many posts already here on the forum.

    However, I’m having a bit of a problem in trying to get them aligned properly horizontally. I find the logo image is a little too low. There’s too much space above and to the left of it. The navigation bar is a little too high. Is there a way to line them up better horizontally? I did this by adding html to the left of the primary menu bar which I defined to the right.

    Also, does the logo image responsive enough or do I have to add additional css for that? It seems to be ok when I view the site on the phone.

    The site I’m working on is: http://clientswebdesigns.com/blog8/

    Thanks you so much,


    Remove space above image with
    .wvrx-menu-html {margin-top:0;}
    Lower the menu with
    .is-menu-desktop .menu-alignright {padding-top:20px;}
    You can also read ite, #3 below:

    The responsiveness looks good, Laura 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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