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    I am now trying to change my fonts through the theme options and it appears that in order to do anything but change the base font size I must upgrade to Weaver Xtreme Pro? After that I assume I can then choose from a list of google fonts for the various headers and body text right? That is my first question.

    The second is I see that it is $39.95 for a single seat license  but for how long? Does this mean when the license expires that the fonts will no longer work?
    Lastly if I upgrade to this will I loose all the settings I have done so far?
    Thanks, Eloine

    Never mind I found the page that talked about this. I am starting to learn if I dig deep enough here there seems to be a ton of stuff!


    But for anyone else reading, the short answer:

    You need Weaver Xtreme Plus to add new fonts – Google or even others.

    Once you purchase Weaver Xtreme Plus, the license covers the right to get updated versions. You can always use the last version of the plugin that you downloaded.

    As always, updating or upgrading will never break or lose any of your previous settings.


    I purchased the plugin and I really like it however I have some more questions so will post that in another thread.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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