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    Good day

    I am at a loss to remedy a problem when sharing a link to Facebook from https://www.poolsandfloors.equestriagroup.co.za/9-reasons-why-equestria-epoxy-is-the-ultimate-choice/. The image overlaps when viewed on a mobile phone.

    I would appreciate any assistance in resolving th problem. The page has been built using Gutenverse.

    Many thanks


    You need to explain in a lot more details what exactly you are doing with a step by step scenario, and where the problem is (the website or facebook)



    I have checked your FB page and mine too — and can tell you for 100% sure it is just FB messing around with an new appearance code… again….

    They set larger images to display full screen width, and so they are not at the moment being contained by the black frame or the text margins as usual.

    Please just give them a couple of weeks to realize how bad it looks, and they will revert to the old ways, or perhaps come up with a fix to what they had hoped to achieve with this last update….

    FB are notorious for their continual tinkering with code and with new ideas…. and this is just one more of those….

    All in all, just leave it alone and FB will resolve it in due course.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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