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    About a week ago we received a notice to update the Weaver Xtreme theme for our website. After updating the theme, the website no longer worked with the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin, which we are primarily using for its extended menuing options. After agreeing to pay $$ to the ISP, they were able to restore our website files to those from the day before, thereby restoring the website. Now I’m paranoid and afraid to update the theme to a newer version.

    We are currently running WP version 5.0.2, Weaver Xtreme theme version 4.2, and Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin version 3.1.1.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue?




    We’ve had no reports of this issue.

    Do be sure you have Weaver Xtreme 4.2.2.

    Some of the settings had small internal changes due to WP 5.0.x, and the settings had to be resaved. This should be automatic.

    I don’t know of hosting companies that normally charge to restore files to the day before, so you might want to consider a different hosting company.

    There are also plugins that can save all settings.

    You also should be able to save Weaver Xtreme settings to your own computer to restore the settings.

    I would recommend:

    1. Save your database settings using a plugin.
    2. Save your Weaver Xtreme settings to your computer.
    3. Update to the latest versions.
    4. It should work as before.
    5. If not, then try opening the Weaver Xtreme admin option, and simply save the options.

    Also, what do you mean that it longer worked with the Xtreme Plus plugin? The options weren’t there? The site looked different after the update?

    But getting all the settings in synch for the different versions is likely the issue.



    Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

    I was unaware there are plugins that can save all of my settings before updating to a new plugin version. Can you recommend any? Are there any plugins that can save a current version of the Weaver Xtreme theme before updating to a new version, since that’s what seemed to throw everything off. There haven’t been any updates to the Weaver Xtreme Plus plugin since installing it at the end of October, 2018.

    I don’t begrudge the ISP for charging us a fee to restore our system to a working version–overall, they’ve been VERY helpful and patient with me.

    I wish I had taken a screenprint of the broken menu system, but I didn’t think to do it. When our website is working, our menus have nine menu items spaced horizontally in a single row beneath the header, and five of those menu items have submenus which open vertically beneath the appropriate menu item; one of the menu items involves filtered posts rather than pages. At any rate, when the website was broken, ALL of the “active” pages in wp-admin–whether actually being used or not (I save some older pages as templates for future use)–were shown in a bunch of rows with no submenus at all. Also, there was no way to access posts. I checked our menu hierarchy in wp-admin (Appearance | Menus), and it was still intact; however, the menu hierarchy was being completely ignored on the website.



    There are plugins that can save the entire WordPress database, and that includes all of your settings, including Weaver’s.

    I use https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-time-capsule/ backing up to a Google Drive.

    But from what you describe, it sounds as if the assignment of your main menu as you’ve defined it in the Appearance -> Menu admin page has become unassigned from the Primary Menu. Also, Weaver Xtreme now uses its “smart menus” as the default menu styling choice, but your old option selection option for that should not have changed.

    It is not uncommon for WordPress to “lose” custom menu assignments, but that usually happens only when you change themes. If you’ve played around with other themes, it is entirely possible that the association for your menu to the Weaver Primary Menu has been “lost”. Just reset that option.




    Thanks for your reply. I plan to install and run WP Time Capsule before proceeding with any updates.

    The first error message I received after updating the Weaver Xtreme theme several weeks ago was something to the effect that the system was in maintenance mode and to check back in a minute or two. (Sorry, I didn’t think to take a screenshot.) Actually, our website was suddenly in a state of disrepair and no longer worked. The ISP Tech Support fiddled with it, and eventually got it back online, except for the menuing issue. The tech support guy DID change the theme at one point to try to pinpoint the issue, and now I realize this must have caused our menus to become unassigned. (Wish I had been smart enough to realize that then, but I wasn’t.)

    Please keep this issue open until I complete the comprehensive backup with Time Capsule, and I’ll let you know the outcome of the updates. I’ve been managing this website on a gratis basis for about two years with no background in WordPress and hope things settle down again. Until a couple of months ago, the website was using Suffusion theme but had to be converted to another theme when php7.1 was implemented due to incompatibility between Suffusion and php7.1. I started the conversion to Weaver Xtreme on 10/31/2018, and it went live around 11/10/2018. The goal was to have Weaver match the look and feel of the “old” Suffusion website as closely as possible.

    Many thanks for your help!



    When you update the Xtreme Theme , make sure you also update the Xtreme Theme Support Plugin to the latest version 4.0.3



    WP Time Capsule is finally installed–took almost 15 hours to get the initial comprehensive backup.

    I updated Weaver Xtreme theme from 4.2 to 4.2.2, and it seems to work fine! (Was there ever a 4.2.1?) The Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin had been updated to version 4.0.3 previously, but thanks for mentioning it.

    I’m still updating several other plugins–updates are definitely slower now that WP Time Capsule is doing its thing, but the extra time spent on the backup seems worth it to me.

    Many thanks for your help!

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