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    Richard L

    Hi Folks ~

    Finally got my site set up in Weaver Extreme, but there’s one last thing I can’t figure out.

    I’ve got both the site title and tagline set to the Lora font, but the tagline doesn’t seem to display it. That setting is applied both under Header Area and Site Title & Tagline Settings. Those similar settings in the two areas seem to be redundant, but actually I’m not sure what all the difference is and how it’s affecting this. Still the tagline should be in that font, right?

    Here’s the setup to describe the size problem, which is more important to me (since the fonts are close enough), under Site Title & Tagline Settings I have the title set at xx-large and the tagline set at small. That’s a good proportion, at least on the laptop page. Under Header Area>Header Typography, I have the font set at x-small. That setting seems to change the size of both at once, though they remain in proportion on the laptop.

    The size problem itself is this: on tablet and phone, theĀ tagline size doesn’t shrink in proportion to the title size, so that on the tablet setting they seem to be the same size, and on the phone setting, the tagline font is actually larger than the title font.

    Can anyone tell me why this is happening, both the tagline font and size, but especially the size? Am I missing something?

    Thank you!




    A link to your site will be necessary to provide help.

    Richard L

    So sorry, I should have known.



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    I think (@weaver can confirm) that it is by design, as keeping the proportions would make the tagline very small.

    If you want to manually change the tagline font size on mobile, you can add the rule below to the theme Gloabal Custom CSS rule box.

    .is-mobile #site-tagline {font-size:.9em;}

    If it does not change try adding important

    .is-mobile #site-tagline {font-size:.9em !important;}

    Richard L

    Thank you, @scrambler. That looks great!

    I did need to use the one that included “important”, in case that’s of use to know.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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