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    I’ve just bought the unlimited license for Xtreme Plus and am enjoying exploring it. I’m developing a new site for myself as my first Xtreme project. 
    One negative comment I have so far is that many of the custom CSS boxes were pre populated with styling which was confusing me for a while as they were overriding settings I was adjusting on the UI.
    Anyway, one small issue I’ve notice is that if you add a drop shadow around your right hand sidebar primary widget area, the right hand shadow gets cropped off.  
    I tried adding the following CSS #primary-widget-area {width:23%;} which solved the problem, but this had a negative effect when viewing the site on mobile phone. I’ve removed the CSS so you can see the problem. The site is on this temporary domain:




    By default the containers have overflow:hidden.

    You need to put the rules below in two places,

    • Main Options > Wrapping areas > Container area > Container BG CSS+ box 
    • Main options > Layout& Sidebar > Primary Widget Area > Primary widget area BG CSS+ box



    Many thanks Scrambler – that’s sorted it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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