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    On my minimalist  XAMPP desktop test site, the  “Primary Sidebar” is not showing anywhere.  (I had not used it till today.)

    On the Widgets Page, I’ve added widgets into both the “Primary Sidebar” and “Secondary Sidebar”.

    In Customizer > Sidebars & Widgets > Primary Sidebar Settings, all looks default normal, and the “Primary Sidebar Visibility = Do not Hide”.  The Secondary Sidebar Settings are all the same as the Primary ones.

    But in Customizer > Active Widget Areas (WP), the “Primary Sidebar” does not show.  The “Secondary Sidebar” shows, as do “Sitewide Top Widget Area” and 5 others which are empty on the Widgets Page.

    I’ve checked Weaver Xtreme 6.0.2 Options > Sidebars & Layouts, and can see nothing unusual or changed from the default settings other than colors for the testing of this.

    I am running the Classic Widgets plugin and the site is set for Classic Editor, not blocks.

    I’ve reinstalled WP 6.1.1, Xtreme 5.0.7 and the Support Plugin 6.2.5 , but still the “Primary Sidebar” does not show.  Turning off all other plugins makes no difference.

    Any suggestions as to where to look for what I’ve done wrong?

    Regards and thanks!


    If you see the primary sidebar widget area in appearance > widgets and have put content in it, then there are two set of places where the sidebar could be hidden.

    First the page/post layout must include the sidebar (left, right, both…)

    • Either in the global Sidebar & Layout setting for each page type
    • And /or at the page / post level in their editing page > Xtreme Options for this page > Layout TAB > Sidebar and widget drop down list

    Second each primary / secondary widget area must be set as visible.

    • Either In the global setting under the sidebar & layout > primary sidebar visibility option.
    • And in the per page / post setting , in the page editing page > Xtreme option for this page > Visibility TAB >Page widget area visibility



    Thank you for your speedy reply and guidance!

    It is now solved.

    On the front page-with-posts, for some reason, the Page Widget Areas Visibility > Hide Primary Sidebar was checked.

    Regards and thanks!





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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