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    Hi Guys i have to beg you to add the premain into the xtreme. I think i have used this on every single site i built in weaver pro. I can’t upgrade until it exists! I often have clients that want a different slideshow on every page right below the menu bar and the easiest way to do it is through add individual sliders in the premain area. 🙂


    Like you, I made regular use of the premain insertion area in weaver pro, very useful for all sorts of things – especially header images and slideshows. I quickly found that xtreme plus has two areas that easily replace premain.

    Either postheader or container_top should meet your needs, they certainly work well for me. Here is a site I am currently building with xtreme plus, making use of postheader to add a different header section to most posts/pages. http://dev.creativesurge.co.uk/image/

    Weaver Xtreme has significant changes to the <div>s for various reasons that make it much more flexible than Weaver II. Premain is gone because there is no #main any more, so it doesn’t make sense to have it. It is not even possible to add it back. But the identical functionality is still there.

    But as @thesurge says, post header (for full width right after the header), or Container Top (top of container, but includes container’s margins) will serve the same purpose.

    As with Weaver II Pro, these particular insertion areas are just in the premium Plus plugin.

    See http://demo.weavertheme.com/insertion-areas/ for a complete demo / examples of all insertions areas.


    I think the problem is, the image/slider uses the container margins. Do we need to make a div for the text so that it margins and then set the container margins to 0, or what would the best way to handle that be? 

    If post header it goes above the widgets which is also a problem.
    Just not sure how to negate this appropriately.

    @techryan, Not sure I follow, can you elaborate with a test page



    I don’t understand what you just said.

    The post-header insertion area comes right after the header area, and will follow the #wrapper margins/padding. It comes before anything in the content area.

    The container-top area is then next content emitted after the post-header insertion area, except it is inside the container wrapping div. There is nothing else in between.

    </div><!– #header –>
        <div id=”inject_postheader”>
         … postheader content
        </div><!– #inject_postheader –>
    <div id=”container” class=”container container-page relative “>
        <div id=”inject_container_top”>
         .. container-top content
        </div><!– #inject_container_top –>

    It doesn’t matter what is the content of either of those areas – image/slider, HTML, shortcode, whatever. There is no intervening output.


    This is going back to another thread I started that it may not have been conveyed appropriately on my end. http://forum.weavertheme.com/discussion/comment/59667

    Both sites are running now so you can see. The slider is in pre-container on old site for home page..and it hides on non home pages. So if you see the old and then new you notice that the margins on slider match content. That is not the way it should be. The slider should be flushed left and the content ONLY margined. If I use the Container Top it drops the side widgets on the right and those should not be dropped below the slider they should remain to the right of the slider.
    Moving on to other pages – http://wislions.org/about-us/ [old site] – notice that this is in “premain” which is no longer. So now if we were to do the same thing as above we run into the same problem. Image doesn’t flush left and/or it drops the side widgets down (right side widgets).
    Hopefully this clears up the confusion. I can take a video of this later and explain in depth while I am doing all of the above if that helps to understand as well!
    You can compensate for the padding on pre-content with the rule below in the pre-content BG CSS+ box

    The reason for the values are the following.
    The content area has a 2% right and left padding. This is computed based on the whole wrapper width.
    When applying a margin to the pre-content area, the width reference is the one of the content area which is 74% of the wrapper.
    So you need to use -2% / 74% = -2.7%  for the left margin
    You need to then extend the width with double that (5.4% > 105.4%)
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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