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    So it seems it’s working today @weaver. I haven’t changed a thing. Have you?


    I have not touched anything. I suspect some sort of database setting that is not getting properly interpreted with the new version of bbPress. Someone else just failed to be able to reply to a post, and found creating a new account worked. But perhaps some operation self-corrects the existing database entry.

    This problem is really difficult to figure out.


    Now I try to post in this thread to see if I will suceed posting this time….

    I am still unable both to start a new discussion (I keep on getting the ‘You cannot reply to this topic’), as well as to post in an already existing thread (at least when I already have posted once before in that thread). However, I have now twice since December experienced that I could reply – just once – in an existing thread which I hadn’t posted in before – but when I try the second time, I am now allowed to (it looks as if I post, but it is as if the post is immediately deleted). And I have at no moment been able to start a new discussion. I also tried to create a new user and tried to post from this user, but it was the same. I couldn’t.

    What I most recently tried to post is the following: (maybe you could help me per email – or open a new thread for me – if this post goes through and you read it):

    • Can you help with CSS code to enlarge all featured images on single post pages – for instance on this page: https://travelinculture.com/san-gimignano-italy/ – (going a bit beyond/wider than the rest of the post)? I have tried in various ways – but without success. I only want to do it for featured images – not any other images. How do I identify featured images in CSS code?
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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