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    WP: 5.8.1
    Weaver: 4.4.8
    Weaver Theme Support: 4.9.2

    Weaver Xtreme Admin / Post Specifics / Hide Post Date: off
    When I set a single post “Hide post title” at “Options for this post“, the post date also disappear, but only at single post page not on a full blog.
    Is it a bug or how to keep a date at a single post without a post title?

    I try to avoid entry-title display:none


    I believe you found a bug.

    Using the Post editing page option “Hide Post Tile” appears to also hide the top Meta Info line.

    , can you confirm


    This has been there forever. It will be fixed for Weaver Xtreme V5, but due to some new WP theme requirements, I am no longer able to update V4 at all without some of the major rewrites that have been included in V5.

    Depending on how many different posts that have this option checked, a work around would be to uncheck the per post option, and supply the appropriate variation of this CSS:

    .postid-xxx .title-single {display:none;}

    where you put the post ID in place of the “xxx”.

    OR – if you have Weaver Xtreme Plus, you can simply add .title-single{display:none;} to the per-post custom CSS box.


    Thank you. I think I will wait for the Weaver Xtreme V5.

    If you rewrite and upgrade the plugin I suggest this new inprovements:

    Weaver Xtreme Options For This Category
    Weaver Xtreme Options For This Tag

    Thank you for this plugin and theme.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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