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    I’m looking to create a website for a company that sells industrial electronics, and the best fit for them (since they only have a few products) would be a clean, and fast loading home page that only displays these elements:

    1) 4 boxes/cubes (2 rows x 2 columns) with space between them, displaying the 4 products they currently have. These cubes should occupy most of the screen, and the images for these products should be pulled from the feature image setting of the posts I’ll create
    2) social icons somewhere at the top of the page
    3) legal pages (about, contact, etc.) again, somewhere at the top of the page (probably on the opposite site of the social icons)
    4) obviously the site’s title and slogan

    I have no idea how to do this with weaver xtreme since you guys are not providing any default sub-theme for portfolio/grid/whatever homepages.

    So, any suggestion?


    Assuming you have installed the theme and its companion plugin Weaver Xtreme Theme support.

    You make sure your post page will not be a WordPress default blog page by going to settings > Reading. Make sure Front page is set to static, and that NOTHING is selected in the post page drop down list (showing –select–)


    You create you four posts with their featured image.

    You create a new page, select the “Page with posts” template for it and publish that page.

    In the page editing page, you select “display posts as” Full

    Under the display post as option in the Display Post columns drop down list select 2 columns 

    In Appearance > Theme Options > Main Options > Post Specifics > Post Area BG, select the color for your boxes

    2) Pre built social icons are a feature of the Xtreme “Plus” plugin , if you only have the base version, you can either create your own social icon with HTML links and images, or use a plugin. Then you can insert these social icons anywhere you want in the theme. Explore the Insertion area of the demo site to see all the options you have for inserting content.


    3) You can create any pages you want for legal, contact etc.. jut go to the Dashboard > pages, create your page and put whatever you want in it. For contact form, you will need to choose a contact form plugin like Contact form 7, fast and secure contact form, or any other that fits your need.

    4) This you do using WordPress Appearance > Header, then you can build ion that using Main options > Header  options. Again look at the demo site above for clues.

    You need to realize that the purpose of weaver theme is to let you build any type of site you want. The theme in infinitely customizable, and you can pretty much be sure to not hit a road block on any design.

    It provides sub theme (check them out in Appearance > Theme Options >Weaver Xtreme Sub themes) , but it does not provide pre made sites, it is up to you to decide what you want, and take the time to explore the numerous options, and try things out. Once you try things out, if you  have a problem executing a specific design you have in mind, give us a link to your work in progress and be specific about what you are trying to achieve.

    So invest in learning your way around the theme and its options, explore the demo site and read the help, and you will be rewarded 🙂


    Thanks. I’ll go play with this until I get it right 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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