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    I read in the FAQ:
    “But Weaver Show Posts can go way beyond that. For many Themes, you can elect to use the native Theme Post formatting function. The posts displayed by Show Posts will match other posts displayed by your theme.”

    My question is: how to select the “native theme post formatting function”.

    I don’t find the option under the show posts settings

    I believe,
    Weaver Post and Slider options > Filter > Select Filter > Native Theme support
    But if you read the help, it mentions:
    “The option to use your theme’s native display will not be included unless the theme has a file called content.php. For themes that have this function (over 50% do), most will display posts from [show_posts] nearly the same as they display standard blog posts. However, some themes will have glitches and not give satisfactory display. You should experiment with that setting to see if you get the results you want.”

    I finally find it, but it says my theme does not have native theme support. 🙁 Is there a way I can make thumbnails appear in the results?

    Is your problem to display the featured image, or is it to make it smaller.
    In all cases, please provide a link to the page showing posts using the show post filter/shortcode and explain the options you used.
    Also create a blog page with your theme so we can compare.

    If your theme does not have the content.php to display posts, there is no way to add that support.

    Instead, you have to add custom css rules to make the post match your theme’s layouts. Show Posts supports adding custom CSS rules directly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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