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    I want to eventually create new pages on my current website, but I want to play with ideas to see how they look. What is the best way?  Just create pages that are private?  Can I then create links to other private pages and test them?  Then once done and happy, I’ll just make them live and make my current ones private?  Do I need to keep the names for the pages the same as current as I have links all over the universe 🙂

    It seems too simple, like I’m missing a crucial step.


    Leslie Ann

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    If you are wanting to create alternate copies of existing pages, you need to understand how WordPress creates names (permalinks) for pages. At the lowest level, all pages and posts are uniquely identified by an ID number. But each has a title, which is used to create a permalink for the page or post. The permalink is all lower case, has symbols removed, and spaces are changed to dashes. So “This is a Name” would have the permalink “this-is-a-name”.

    So, say you want to create a new page with the same name. The second page will have the same title/name, but the permalink will be “this-is-a-name-1”.

    Normally, you have your pages shown on menus, and creating a custom menu is the best way to control your site logical layout.

    So, you could just create different versions with the same name. You could then edit the permalink (it is displayed in the editor) to change from old to new – for example, change ‘this-is-a-name’ to ‘this-is-a-name-old’, then change ‘this-is-a-name-1’ to ‘this-is-a-name’, and all your menu links and other links will still work, but point to the new page.

    Or, you could simply use copy/paste to copy the contents of the new page to the old page when your are satisified.

    But as long as your links are via either menu items or hard links in your page content, there really is no purpose to making private pages because they won’t have a permalink anyone an see anyway.



    Thanks, Weaver, that works well.  I can play all I want and then move the information over. Or edit the permalink.

    I so appreciate your help, ~ Leslie Ann


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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