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    Hello Scrambler

    Indeed I am talking about  http://bernstein-exhibitions.com/. It works fine

    on my 27″ Imac and the Ipad, but when I pull it up on by Mac Book Pro the

    top and bottom go of the screen and you have to scroll to see the entire site.

    I will look at your other solutions and get back. Thanks for all you do.




    Was able to fix the top margin with your suggestion. As far as the browser

    the entire site gets cropped as you make it bigger or smaller on the Mac Book

    Pro. I’ll do some searches to see why this happens. Let me know if you have any

    other suggestions.

    Thanks Again sT



    Have you tried different browsers on the mac book pro.

    Have you tried a different mac book pro?

    May be take pictures, I still cannot understand what may be going on



    I don’t think it has anything to do with a Mac. It has to do with the proportions of the image on the screen. The images resize to fit within the browser window. They don’t change proportion. So to fit on a Mac 16:9 screen including the browser’s top tabs and other bars, the screen has to scroll. If you reduce the width of the browser, the need to scroll goes away.

    You will get the same results on smaller desktop monitors, and other notebooks. I don’t think it is possible to force any image to never scroll. How can this be possible? If you reduce the height of the browser window, eventually the window must scroll.



    Thanks Weaver

    How do I reduce the width of the browser on the Mac Book Pro




    Figured it out. Thanks Scrambler and Weaver.




    Do you mind telling us what the issue was?



    I feel like an idiot. Googled “how to changed browser width”, and got

    all kinds of suggestions on how to change CSS. Here’s an example:



    body, html {
        height: 100%;
        width: 100%;
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;
    #image {
        width: 100%;
        height: 500px;
        background: #000 url('http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/dog-9.jpg') center no-repeat;
        background-size: auto 200%;
    Went to execute this on the larger monitor and discovered what
    Weaver meant by changing the width was much easier once I discovered
    how the site responded to different size on the larger monitor.
    Thanks Again Scrambler and Weaver


    Now I am even more confused.

    By changing the browser width I did nor mean to do anything to the theme setting or CSS.

    I meant grabbing the corner of the browser window, and move it to make the window smaller as to see what happens to the site content when you do that.

    SO I am still unclear of why you said the slider was cutoff on a MacBook pro, and I get the feeling you are still confused too 🙂



    Hello it’s me hope you have lots of aspirin.

    After completing your advice.

    Go to your page content editor, switch to text mode, and make sure there are no empty lines before the slider shortcode, as WP will add a paragraph tag to that. You can also check the option “Allow Raw HTML and script” on that page, that will disable WP auto formatting

    I did this and it worked for a while but now the padding at the top has returned.

    Please Advise

    More questions to come, sT



    Thanks in advance.

    The second question I have is I would like the content box to be transparent and the wrapper

    to be black. When I choose black for the wrapper it turns the content page to black as well.

    Please advise, st




    1- The space comes from a default 1em top padding n entry content. Set it at zero in Main Options > Content Areas > Content Area > Space between title and content box.

    2- “The second question I have is I would like the content box to be transparent and the wrapper to be black. When I choose black for the wrapper it turns the content page to black as well.”

    I probably misunderstand what you mean, because the Content container is inside the wrapper (over it), so if the content background is transparent, then you will see the wrapper background that is underneath.

    May be try to explain what visual effect you are trying to achieve.




    Thanks Scrambler,

    Fixed the padding issue, I will provide three links to some test pages which should help illustrate my problem, http://bernstein-exhibitions.com/?page_id=158&preview=true, http://bernstein-exhibitions.com/sp3-slider/,  http://bernstein-exhibitions.com/?page_id=187&preview=true. The first URL is the design of the slideshow pages. There are seventeen of these pages each with it’s own slideshow. The second URL is how  I would propose to put the slideshow into the page after it has been set as a featured image. The third URL is a test slideshow which I hope can be created with a transparent background and the dropped into the second URL. This may be rather convoluted but I can’t think of a better way to do it. The other part of this is I still need to figure out how to convert the layered Slide images into images which can be used as a featured image each slide show produces it own short code and html which can be entered in the template.

    Let me know your thought, sT





    Perhaps you could also tell me where you are located. That would give be better idea of when might be the best time to contact you. I am in Michigan on ET.

    Thanks sT



    Sorry the links say page not found, and I still have no idea what the problem is 🙂

    So you will need to elaborate.

    I am on the west coast



    Sorry Scrambler

    I think the pages did not go through because they were drafts. I published them and here they are URL 1, http://bernstein-exhibitions.com/secondary-test/, URL 2 http://bernstein-exhibitions.com/slider-featured-image/, http://bernstein-exhibitions.com/kids-page-2/. Thank you for all your patience. Let me know how I might contribute for your efforts.


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