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    Using the free version of WeaverX.  Could I have suggestions about the best way to go about placing an image to the left of the site title and tag line.

    I am rebuilding this site with Weaver.  You will see the circular logo, top left.


    Here is where I am recreating it with WeaverX


    Thank you.


    There will be an option in the next release to do that, but it will require the X-Plus plugin.

    But in your case, if I were doing that, would either use the Header Widget Area, putting the logo in one widget, and the title/tagline in another using the shortcodes [site_title] and [site_tagline].


    Probably the easiest solution of all, and I really don’t know why most people just don’t do this, is use a photo editor and combine the logo and the other text onto the same image. Then you get complete control of placement, fonts, colors – everything, and you end up with a header that looks just like you want.


    Your first suggestion is what I was just looking at doing.

    Your second suggestion is what I would do.  If it were my website.  And I know what I’m doing is going to change about 5 more times.  Thus I’m not going to rush to do the graphics.  But I agree.  That is the best option and where I may end up going in the end.  Once it stops changing. 


    Hi Skippy

    I’m trying to do the same thing.  –  Any chance of you posting a picture of the Header Widget Area as an example



    You have two options.

    Put a single text widget in the HEader Widget area, and put both the image html and the title tagline shortcode in there.

    Or if you want to have them stacked on mobile, you could put two text widgets in the header widget area put the image in one and the title tagline shortcodes in the second, then set the widget area to be in two columns.

    If you don’t have plus, the two columns will have equal width but we could eventually use custom CSS to change that.

    If you have plus you can set the width of each widget independently in the header widget area options


    That works a treat using the Header Widget Area and removing the Site Name in the theme options but I like the search feature built into the theme which has also now been turned off – Is there a short code for it so I can get it back in the widget area?

    Thanks – Bob

    Plus has a search shortcode


    OK – just discovered that the Search For Icon / bar has moved down over my header image as I didnt actually turn it off. Can I alter its position and raise it up 50px so it overlaps the widget area where it would be more noticeable?


    Please open your own thread with a link to your site so we can check the proper custom CSS to give you

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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