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    Went through your refresh steps. Did not fix whatever hammered the [insert_php] plugin.

    Site still unusable.

    REPEATING (4th time):

    “So, let me ask the question another way: with a site being update to WP 6x, does Weaver produce any type of warning pop-ups, and if so, can you give me all of them so I can see if any look familiar to what I saw today?”

    This is important because the pop-up warning I received this morning during a screen refresh mentioned “Weaver”, “Xtreme” and “update”. Since the site was health on a screen refresh last night, but bombs today after that popup, something associated with Weaver Xtreme occurred. Your answer to the question above is important.


    HEY! Solved it. Seems something in the Weaver update processes clobbered a setting buried in the old PHP plugin (a setting I never knew about or configured).

    Anyway, once I found that, and flipped the switch, the PHP execution came back.

    Lot of work ahead making the site pretty again though. Much damage during debugging.

Viewing 2 posts - 17 through 18 (of 18 total)
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