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    Having never used your forum i wish to start by saying, and i cannot emphasize enough, great theme! (As was Weaver-II, and thank heaven for the sanity your work brought to site design in WordPress).

    That having been said, i have recently just begun setting up a site and found a peculiar bugger:

    I cannot change the title text link hover color which seems to be stuck on red.

    https://omegaomnibus.com/(hover over “Hello World”)

    Associated code is as follows according to “inspect element” in FireFox

    color: rgb(238, 0, 0)

    This does not seem to have a source for the following assumption of “currentcolor”:

    text-decoration-color: rgb(238, 0, 0);

    .wrapper .post-title a > currentcolor (style-weaverx.min.css:2)

    I have gone into edit themes and there is nothing there, since as it says it is using “currentcolor”. However, something may be amiss since the theme editor has a complaint about “expecting… but found ‘textfield'” and the entire file is pretty much line 2.

    I am using the “Transparent Dark” Sub-Theme, but nothing in any available settings indicate anything remotely like that red anywhere.

    Currently, there is only one other plugin installed, and that is for SSL.

    Any help finding this rogue setting would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!



    What do you have in Main options > Post Specifics > Post Tite > Post Title Hover (both color box and CSS+ box if anything)

    Also check the Theme Global Custom CSS Rule box as the sub theme may have CSS there for the post title

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