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    I am using Weaver Xtreme theme with Elementor and Woocommerce.  (I inadvertently selected the wrong theme on a previous discussion.)  On my shop page I am using the Header Area Replacement options under the Page Builder tab.  I have tried both the page drop down and the page id fields to select my “Shop Header” page, but the header is not showing on the shop page.  Am I missing something?  The page in question is https://replenishhq.abovethecircle.com/shop-2/  Got it to work by setting the replacement header page in the global settings in Customizing>Page Builders, but not in per page options.  ???

    Also, once I select the page in the global settings the page is no longer editable in Elementor.  All the Elementor sections disappear.  When I select “none” in the global settings and refresh my shop header page, the sections reappear.



    I don’t understand your question at all.

    I just reviews all my test pages for using Elementor pages as a global header or footer replacement, or as replacements on a per page basis, and they all work as expected.

    When editing an Elementor page that you want to specify another Elementor page as a header/footer replacement, you must Edit the page with the Classic Editor view as the Elementor view does not show the Meta Box with the Options for this Page showing.

    To edit one of the header/footer replacement pages, you must open the page from the Pages menu from the dashboard.


    I’m so sorry.  So hard for me to explain.  I’ll try again both in words and pictures.

    I created a page called “Shop Header” with Elementor to use as a header replacement on my WooCommerce “Shop” page here:  https://replenishhq.abovethecircle.com/shop-2/.  If I try to set it  as the replacement header from the “Shop” page using the settings under the Page Builders tab, the “Shop Header” page does not show up on the front end of the “Shop” page.  The “Shop Header” page will show up only if I set it in the Global settings.  That’s not ideal, but not a big issue.  But, the issue comes when I set the “Shop Header” page in the global settings.  It does work properly as far as the front end.  The header shows up on all the pages, including the “shop” page, properly.  But after I set it globally I can no longer edit the “Shop Header” page in Elementor.  The elements of that page (i.e. the logo and menu I added to the page in Elementor) no longer show up when I try to edit the page with Elementor.  My “shop” page is not an elementor page but the “Shop Header” page is.  I suppose I’ll just have to remove it from the global settings, edit my “Shop Header” page when needed, then reset it in the global settings.

    When I set “Shop” page Page Builder tab to replace header with “Shop Header” Elementor page like this:
    Edit Shop Page "Page Builders" tab

    I get this on the front end “Shop” page:
    Shop page doesn't show header

    and this in the Elementor “Shop Header”:

    When I remove the “Shop” per page setting in the Page Builders tab but set the global replacement header here:

    I get this on the front end with the header:

    and this in the Elementor “Shop Header”:


    I hope that clarifies rather than confuses.  😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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