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    @dnadesign, leave the test pages up so Weaver can have a look.

    , I may be missing something trivial, but I cant quite see what may be going on below.

    He has two parallax posts that display fine in their single post page (below)

    Garden Cottages

    Garden Suites

    If he creates a page withy posts they also display fine (below)

    Test 2 page with posts

    BUT if he tries to displays them with a Showposts filter, the Parallax HTML section tag is missing, below two different Showposts failing at displaying the parallax section


    test – with filter no options

    He has deactivated all non weaver plugins, the system info is above with options pages

    Any idea what can cause the issue??


    Thank you so much scrambler – glad I’m not being an idiot. Will leave as is till we hear from Weaver.


    Hi there

    Just wondering if there was any resolution on this? – Please let me know


    @weaver, any chance you can look at this?

    Summary in my post #64664 above

Viewing 4 posts - 17 through 20 (of 20 total)
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