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    Did use weaver extrem at this page allready and it works: http://www.matrix-escape.org

    Now wanted to do this also at another page of mine.

    Did install weaver and weaver extrem at a new page.

    But there where now additional Options like at the Matrix page, so I can not configure any parallax effect.

    Who knows the button where to switch those options on?

    G C



    I believe those are per-page options shown at the bottom of the editor for the specific page.



    Let us clarify a bit.

    There are no Parallax options on pages, only on posts and with the Xtreme “Plus” Plugin.
    These are in the Posts editing pages > Weaver Xtreme 4 options for this Post > Xtreme Plus tab

    If you need to add Parallax content in a page, you can use a page with posts that uses posts with parallax settings, or you can use a regular page and use the Parallax shortcodes as explained in the help or article below



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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