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    I’m busy creating a new site that combines both pages and posts. I love the parallax effect that Weaver offers but find that when I try to create a “page with posts” or even when I try to display the posts using the Short code “show posts” on a page (or post for that matter), the parallax effect is carried over for each post and makes the page unreadable. The following are examples…

    I’m using Weaver 5 pro and other plugins that I’m using (besides the recommended Weaver plugins) are:

    • Accordions by PickPlugins
    • Classic Editor
    • Classic Widgets
    • Nested pages
    • Shortcodes Ultimate
    • SiteKit by Google
    • WP AllImport

    I usually work with static pages but am trying to use the posts option because of the extra flexibility it offers. Can somebody advise me what I am doing wrong or should I not use parallax at all (that would be a pity)




    You will need to explain in more details what you are trying to do.

    As for the parallax effect on a page with posts, it is applied on a per post basis, so in order for a post to show as parallax, you have to activate the option in the Post editing page > Xtreme options for this post > Xtreme Plus TAB > Parallax section > Check “make this post a parallax post”

    For all your posts to be parallax, you would have to activate the option in every post….

    Page Template: page with posts:
    When I go to your first link, page template page with post, Not all the post are parallax, only those with the option, so I do not quite understand what you are saying. On that page I also noticed you have masonry activated, which is quite incompatible with the concept of a parallax post, so not sure if that is intentional.

    Page Template: default with show posts shortcode:
    Cannot access that page

    Post : with show posts
    Page not found, but what do you mean?, you cannot/should not add a showpost shortcoe inside a post. A cpost inside a post could mess up WordPress

    Post – Category archives page.
    Page not found



    Thanks for the reply. I find that on those posts where I have added Parallax, the Parallax shows up when I display them as excerpts on another page or post. I didn’t realise that Parallax and masonry layout together is problematic and that could explain part of my problem.

    As for using the shortcode for displaying posts, I tried this on the default template (not on the page with posts template) and I also had the parallax messing up the page. I will continue playing around with different options. It seems that the Parallax is best used for static pages??




    You are still not explaining what you are trying to achieve….

    Are you trying to create a block of content on a page that will have a parallax effect in the middle of other content?

    If so using the shortcode is the way to go and it works fine for me.

    If you tried and it “messed up” the page, you need to explain in details what you mean by that and give us a link to the page in question so we can better understand what you mean


    To clarify…

    1. I want the parallax effect to be on some of the post pages
    2. When I use ‘post with pages’ or a ‘default page’ template to display excerpts of the posts, the parallax effect is carried over with those posts that have the parallax (only one post has the Parallax in the examples I sent you – “trytry” )
    3. I don’t want any parallax shown on the page that displays the posts. I know that I can create a parallax with shortcode on the ‘pages with posts’ if I need/want to.
    4. I don’t want parallax showing in -between the posts’ displays
    5. Examples are given below. Please note that I have only added the Parallax to one of my posts – trytry
      1. page with posts and masonry layout: http://industryhelp.co.za/try-page-with-posts/
      2. page with posts and list layout (no columns): http://industryhelp.co.za/page-with-posts-list-layout/
      3. default page template with masonry layout including “show posts shortcode”: http://industryhelp.co.za/try-page-default-template-show-posts/
      4. default page template with list layout including “show posts shortcode”: http://industryhelp.co.za/page-with-show-posts/

    I suspect it’s just a setting that I need to change somewhere?  I hope that clarifies a bit what I want to do and what my problem is. Yesterday I removed all the parallax effects from the posts and just added Parallax to my “Page with Posts” using the shortcode that Weaver provides and that worked much better.


    May be you misunderstood something.

    The parrallax effect is attached to a content Via a post.
    You can use a regular post or a Weaver Slider post if you don’t want the post to be part of your regular posts, but that post will then be shown as Parallax anywhere you display it, whether it is by a page with post or a show post.

    In 1) you seem to imply you want some content to be displayed normally on some pages and as parallax on some others.

    If so you cannot use the method using a parallax post, but there is an alternate parallax option that is applied on featured images.

    You can ask for a post featured image to be used as a Parallax background, in either contained or full witdth form.

    That option can be selected for each post in both the Post blog setting and the single post page setting. So you can decide to only use the featured image Parallax effect in Blog pages (but ALL blog pages) or in Single page.

    You do need to have selected a large featured image for the effect to work.

    Now the featured image setting can also be set globally for all post pages of a certain type, like blog page with excerpts, blog page with full posts, or single post pages in the Post Specific > Featured image section. There you could use the featured image parallax effect globally.


    • The featured image options found in the Post editing page override the global featured image setting.
    • The Featured image parallax effect has less option than a parallax post, it simply uses the Featured Image as a Background for the post content.

    4) You missed some details on how a parallax post works.
    If you want the content of a parallax post over the parallax image, you need to place that content in the Excerpt box, not the main post content. That gives the option to have 3 different type of parallax layout content.



    Wow, spot on!!!! Thank you very much for the quick and comprehensive reply. I haven’t tried out your recommendations yet but am keen to do so. They make sense and a whole world of different options has just opened. My only problem now is to choose which direction I should go with my layout . I’ll let you know if I have any other problems once I’ve implemented your recommendations.

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