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    Created a page using the Page with Posts template – specified a category for the page – not a problem.

    Problem (?) is when I reach the end/beginning of a category the forward/backward links simply take me to the next category. Was hoping that this option would ONLY display posts from a specified category!
    I see no benefit to using this template as opposed to handling the category as a menu entry?
    Thanks for the help – Ken

    A page with post that filters a single category only shows post of that category.

    If what you mean is that when you click on a post in that page and then use forward backward it cycle through all posts, this is normal as you have left the category page and you are now just on a single post page that has no knowledge of the category page.

    @weaver may be able to offer more insight on whether or not there is a way for single post pages to only cycle through posts of the same category. There may be a filter & Action that could be used (although that would require “plus”)


    There is no mechanism built into Weaver to constrain the single page views to a specific category or other filter. There might be a plugin that allows this.

    In reality, the whole next/previous links on the single page is really of limited usefulness, and is very often simply confusing to the visitor (at least in my opinion). I think the usual “workflow” for visitors is to open the blog page that lists posts (perhaps filtered to a specific category, etc.), and use those links to see specific pages.

    So an option that really doesn’t limit what people say is to set the Single Page Navigation Style to None on the Post Specifics tab.


    Follow up:

    Note that Weaver Xtreme Plus has an option for the single page view that forces it to show links only in the same category.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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