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    Using Weaver II Pro, and I know I need to update to Weaver Extreme. But I want to solve this issue first.

    I created posts in two categories, and now want to display the from one of those categories (announcements) on our website’s home page. The display format should be Title, Featured Image and Excerpt.

    If I leave the Category field empty in the Settings for Page With Posts, post excerpts from both categories appear. That’s what I expect. (See “Posted in [category]” at boom of each excerpt.)

    See it here: https://richmondcarotary.org/home-test-1/

    The Problem 

    Now, if I set the Category field to announcements then only the 2 posts in that category appear, perfect; But the problem is that only the Title and the Featured Image appear. No Excerpt.  My display setting, though, is unchanged: Display posts as Excerpt.  

    See it here: https://richmondcarotary.org/home-test-2/

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can you help?


    If ON THE SAME page (home-test-1), if you ONLY add announcements to the category field, it does that, then it is a puzzle indeed, as all things being equal, there is no reason for the excerpt to vanish…

    Two things I would try:

    1. Add the category name test to the posts with the category announcement, then in home-test1, add the category test instead of announcement in the category box, and see if the same thing happens.
    2. Next Add the category announcements to the post with the category project events, then in home-test1, add the category announcemenst to the categoty box, and see if the excerpt vanishes on all 4 posts or not.

    I tried your suggestion.

    1. Created new category, test. Then applied that category, test, to one of the posts that had been announcements.  Unclicked the announcements category for that post.
    2. For the second post, I applied the test category, but left the original announcements category.

    Same results: https://richmondcarotary.org/home-test-1/

    I downloaded Weaver Xtreme and activated on a duplicate, testing site: https://richmondcarotary.org/stage

    I have some minor questions (you can direct me to the forum for this if know I can get the answers there quickly):

    1. I want the nav bar below the Rotary banner, as on the active site. I do that in the Customize > Menu settings, Publish. But then when I view it live, it pops to the top of the window, as you see it.
    2. I want to delete the space above the banner and the search icon (I’ll use the left side slide-out search function instead). I don’t see how to do that.
    3. I change the Title in the Primary Sidebar, using the Customize controls. Should inherit same font as other headlines, Open Source, regular. I see that in Customize preview, but then the published site shows it as an italic serif-font.

    I’m trying to avoid conflicts between Additional CSS and the Customize widgets.

    Thank you.


    A), these were not the tests I asked for, but OK….

    B) Make sure you install the Xtreme Theme Support plugin, it provides additional features, including access to the Leagcy Admin similar to weaver II in Appearance > Xtreme Admin

    If using the Customizer, you can also set the Customizer to WHERE mode instead of WHAT mode, that will organize options in a similar fashion as the Legacy Admin pages

    1- You  appear to have set the primary menu to “Fixed on top” change that setting to “not fixed”

    2- The search on header can be hidden in Main options > Header > Header Area > Hide search on header
    The space comes from an empty Site Title. If you do not want to see the site Title, you should still have one as it is important for search engines, but hide it using the hide site title option in Main options > Header > Site Title / Tagline section

    3-The Widget title appears to have a font-italic setting, check what you have in Main option > Sidebar and layout > Individual widgets > Widget title font properties



    Wanted to let you know I installed Weaver Xtreme, and the Theme Extras and Show Posts plug-ins. I used Show Posts to — you’re not going to believe this — show post excerpts in specified categories . I used a regular page, not a Page with Posts page. It worked fine.

    Thank you.


    I am not sure why we would no believe you 🙂

    Showpost is indeed a way to display posts in a regular page (what it was meant for).

    The advantage over using a page with posts is that you can have more than one show posts on a single page, and content can be added anywhere, not just at the top.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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