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    I am trying to make a list of posts (title only, super short excerpt, and a tiny, tiny featured image thumbnail if one exists) display in a box on the front page of a site. I want the posts to display only new posts from the current date, OR if there are no new posts for the current date, a list of posts from the last day there were new posts. Can the Page with Posts template do this? Or maybe the Weaver Show Posts plugin?


    Automatic excerpt length can only be changed globally in WordPress settings, or locally with the show posts shortcode.

    If using a page with posts if you need different excerpt length than on other blog pages, you would need to create manual excerpt for each posts that  have the exact content you want.

    Tiny featured image:

    You can set the featured image size globally with the post specifics settings in which the smallest size is thumbnail, at the size you setup in WordPress media settings
    We can go below that by reducing the with Custom CSS for that page only once the page is built.

    Post selection:
    page with posts can only select the last n posts.
    Show posts shortcode filter can let you select posts for today.

    Now about “OR if there are no new posts for the current date, a list of posts from the last day there were new posts”

    That were things become complicated, and I am not sure you could doo that with either. That said, the showposts shortcode also has the option to use a WordPress query, and you may be able to do that using this.

    So your best best is to experiment with the Show posts shortcode, and research WordPress queries to see if there is a way to do the selection you desire


    Show Posts Shortcode it is.

    I was just looking at the show-post parameters on the show post tab of the plugin,  and did not see where it can be sorted for today only, but then saw it was available on the filter tab.

    WP Query: so you are saying that if there are no posts today, the show post plugin will show no posts. If I want to try to make the “OR” happen, I need to 1) see if it can be done with WP Query, or live with probably choosing “n” posts. That way it will always have the “n” most recent posts regardless of the date.

    Thanks. I’ll work on this a bit more and if I have trouble with the excerpt length and FI size on a per page basis I’ll check back.



    Oh and, as I mentioned I did not see the date parameter on the show post shortcode list, here the list of what I see on the show post tab of the plugin… in case date is supposed to be there and it is not.

    cols=1  display posts in 1 to 3 columns
    filter=”            use named filter – all other parameters ignored when filter specified
    hide_bottom_info=false         hide bottom info line
    hide_featured_image=false   hide featured image – FI is displayed by default
    hide_title=false           hide the title
    hide_top_info=false    hide the top info line
    show=full         show: title | excerpt | full | titlelist | title_featured
    show_avatar=false      show the author avatar
    more_msg=”New More Message”     replacement for Continue Reading excerpt message
    use_paging=false        Use paging when displaying multiple posts
    no_top_clear=false     Prevents “clear:both” at beginning of posts display.
    category_name=list    list of categories by slug
    post_ids           list of posts by IDs
    post_slug         single post by specified post slug name
    WP_Query args           Any standard WP_Query argument (not including those needing array()).

    As for the


    Dashboard > Weaver Posts and Slider options > Filter TAB> Define content selection Section > Date Section (two boxes before the WP query which is last on the page)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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