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    I am using the latest version of everything (Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS 8.5, PHP 5.10, MySQL 5.7.7rc, WordPress 4.3 nightly build, the Weaver Xtreme trilogy plus several other plugins and hacks).
    Congratulations, your software works very well! I have been following you since Weaver I and you are doing a very good job. I do recommend you work to others.
    I am able to do “Page with Pages” the same as “Page with Posts” and it works fine using Weaver Show Posts. It works fine but when I activate the new membership 2 plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/membership/) the page inside the page does not show anymore. Something gets blocked. Any idea?
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    Are you using [show_posts] or just the filter in Page with Posts?

    Try just [show_posts] on a regular page.


    I do not use the shortcode [show_posts], just the filter in Page with Posts (or Pages).

    When I use the filters in Page with Posts everything is fine.
    If one of “Posts” is a page, it also works okay unless membership is activated
    1 (Photos) is a “page with posts” with two “posts”
    2 (Photos from the Internet) is also a “page with posts”
    3 (Photo tag cloud) is a regular post
    I can only see that screen with the two “posts”:
    • with any account when membership is NOT activated
    • with the admin account only when membership is activated
    Otherwise I only see the page (Photo) with the post (Photo tag cloud)
    (Note: you will not see any content because you are not a member)

    Please TRY to use [show_posts] on a normal page.

    Showing pages instead of posts can create issues – it is a somewhat different internal process. It is possible that using [show_posts] will work, while the page with posts filter might not. There is a bit of difference in how the posts are generated between the two methods.

    So, this might work if you use [show_posts] instead. If it does, there really is no difference in appearance between [show_posts] on a normal page, and a Page with Posts page template.

    If [show_posts] does not work, it is unlikely there is much to be done. It is likely that the code generating the page you want to display is not doing it correctly (not following standard WordPress protocols), and you may have to take up the issue with the plugin’s support.



    Showing posts and/or pages works very well using the shortcode [show_posts] OR the page with posts filter. So much so that if you use both both on the same page you get everything twice.

    There is no issue showing a page on a page. I have been doing it for more than a year with your software. As a matter of fact most of my pages are “Page with posts” and some of them show another “Page with posts” AND “post” on the same page.

    The issue that I am having is that when I activate the new membership 2 plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/membership/):

    • My page showing posts AND pages only shows the posts NOT the pages to any other account but the administrator.
    • The administrator CAN see the page with BOTH the posts and the pages as seen on the last photo above where number 1 represents the “page with posts and pages” which shows number 2 a “page with posts” and number 3 a post on the same page.
    The question I have is would you know why the process can be stopped UNLESS you are the administrator when membership is active.

    The membership plugin allows the administrator to create rules to block members from reading specified content. One fact I know about the plugin is that the administrator does not have any restriction about seeing anything.

    • If I deactivate the membership plugin EVERYONE can see the pages showing posts AND pages on one page.
    You may say that your software works and you do not have anything to do with the membership plugin. In which case I will find myself a way to make them compatible because I need both.

    The main reason I am reaching out is because you know your software better than anyone and you may know what can stop the process of showing both posts AND pages on the same page.

    Without your help I have to go through your code and debug it. I may find a piece of code that membership adds an automatic protection and blocks it from executing if you are not an administrator.

    If anything you can debug it much faster because you would know where to look.

    Well, given that the problem didn’t show up until the membership plugin changed, it is not likely in the Weaver code for this, but some issue with the membership plugin.

    On a technical level, all pages/posts are run through the WP_Query parameter, and the values to that are filterable by who ever wants to filter them.

    You apparently are getting the pages/posts you want to see using the WP_Query=Photos_Page_(en) value. That makes sense as that is how you can add specialized custom post types. But I suspect the membership pluing is also filtering the WP_Query, and adding an additional check that is blocking inclusion of that post type.

    I would lay odds it is a bug in the membership plugin, and given the detail you’ve provided here, I would hope they would be able to find the problem. I would guess it is very likely a bug.

    It could also be some change in how the membership plugin is having post types excluded. I assume the goal of the membership plugin is to allow certain pages/posts to be visible for members, and other not visible. There must be settings to the membership plugin where you specify that. Somehow, the plugin is now saying that the Photos_Page_(en) type needs membership. I think using the ‘_(en)’ naming is a bit unconventional, and someone might get confused by the parens.

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