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    This page: https://womensmarchsussex.com/wms-news/ (which is a page with posts) has the page title off, which makes the sidebar not top-aligned with the title of the first post. How can I adjust top margin of the sidebar just for this page? The ID is 11.

    The home page: https://womensmarchsussex.com/ has the info bar off (I don’t want breadcrumbs saying “home”), thus the top of the sidebar is aligned too high with the page title. How can I make them both top-aligned?

    I tried to play around with setting the top-margin for the primary widget area to 30.

    What is the difference between checking Add Side Margin(s) in the Primary Widget Area and checking Add Side Margin(s) in the Content Area?



    1) Your first page does not have a page title, unless you call the breadcrumb the page title.

    The sidebar is being shifted down with a 30px top margin, you can change that value in Main options > Sidebar & Layout > Primary widget are > Top margin box.

    If you want to only change that value on that page, the rule would be

    .page-id-11 #primary-widget-area {margin-top:20px;}

    2) In you second page, I see the sidebar aligned with the page title, but if you want a different vertical positioning only on that page, it will be the same rule as above with a page id# of 8

    3) “Add Side Margin(s) in the Primary Widget Area” adds a margin to the left of the widget area.

    “Add Side Margin(s) in the Content Area” adds a right margin to the content area.

    They both create a space between content and sidebar, but depending on your overall configuration, one may be more suitable than the other




    I already set a global top-margin of 30 px in the Primary Widget Area. Would the above override it?

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    Thank you.

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