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    Add that last line (div style etc.) removes the page title from the post pages rather than wrapping it. Help?


    No idea what you are saying, please use detailed words and page links

    I cannot read your mind 🙂


    You said just above:

    Now regarding you remark on making the title wrap, are you saying you wish to limit the width of the post title so it forces them to get on two lines?

    If so, you will need to change the HTML that you placed in the Header HTML area to make it look like below

    Place your current HTML here

    Adjusting the max-width to what you need

    <hr />

    The div line rather than wrapping the page title with that line wipes the page title out on posts.

    Let me see if I can start the explanation over again. On post pages I need the page title (I’m guessing I’m calling it the wrong thing since the stuff we did on the other pages works fine now but doesn’t touch the posts) to wrap for me. That’s what that div line was supposed to do but instead it wipes out the title.

    So the shorter question is how do I wrap the post titles without having to do it on each page like we did on the pages because you can’t because the field used to do it on the pages doesn’t exist on the posts.

    Here’s the code I’m using on each individual page:

    And here’s a page I need the title to wrap: http://bethtest.com/uncategorized/milk-for-camping/




    On the milk for camping page, there is only the “Milk for camping” text in the HTML area.

    In that case you would replace the text by

    <div style="max-width:500px;display:inline-block;">Milk for Camping</div>

    Once you do that, if it does not work, post back with the HTML in place

Viewing 4 posts - 17 through 20 (of 20 total)
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