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    a question probably more for all you Xtreme Gurus and Pros:

    Is it possible to build a page layout similar to the homepage of https://www.bcg.com/ with Weaver Xtreme Options, without needing to code in javascript?

    Or, alternatively, do you know of a WP plugin that is capable of delivering those graphic effects with the background pictures with embedded content blocks when scrolling down and up?

    Thanks in advance,




    The transition are non standard, they would require Custom CSS and JavaScript to trigger the CSS on scrolling.

    If you have some knowledge of that, there are some guideline about on scroll JavaScript in the article below




    Interesting page, but you really want to do it better. The page does not respond predictably to mouse motions or scroll wheel. I got lost and confused almost immediately. I don’t know what a more typical visitor would think.


    I just looked again, and in my opinion, it is a truly awful landing page. No rhyme nor reason as to when and how the bg images shift. Really confusing.



    Hi Weaver and Scrambler,

    thanks for your replies.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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