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    Recently the number of columns option – page specific –  is not working on Weaver Extreme Plus.  When I pulled up the page, it was showing 4 columns, which I had never set.  I searched the documentation, but could not find information on any conflicts between global settings and Customizer, nor information on which setting is the overrider . The page column option at the bottom of the page worked before, but now it is not responding. Not sure if this problem is related to the sidebar widgets.   I have set the sidebar widget to not be visible for this page, but two sidebar widgets are visible on the homepage.

    I then decided to create a whole new page – this time the content is full width, but when I tried to change to two-columns, nothing happened.

    Also had a hard time understanding if a specific page (not post) can have its own sidebar content that is different from the sidebar content on the homepage.  Does this require inputting CSS or is there something in the Customizer that I missed?

    This is for my church website, so any help in clearing up my understanding of these options would be much appreciated!


    Please give a link to the page that you set with two columns.

    To have different content in the sidebar on specific page, you can use the theme Per page widget areas.

    • You first give  a name for the new widget area to create, at the bottom of main options > Sidebar & Layout page.
    • Then you go to Appearance > Widgets where the new area should show up.
    • You fill it with the specific content you want.
    • Then in the page editing page, your use the page options > Content tab, you use the widget replacement option to use your new widget area in place of the one you wish to replace it by.

    You can also use a plugin called Dynamic Widgets

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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