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    On the home page I am trying to add a slide show (currently just 2 images to understand it). However, it is only showing the first one. The instructions were not that clear to me, but I created a new sllde post and selected Format “gallery” and then selected 2 images from my Media library. This post is named Lawns.

    In Slider options I created a new slider also named Lawns and the only thing I changed was to select the only name in the slug drop down (lawns).

    I then added the shortcode to the homepage.


    There are two ways to use a [gallery ids="34,24,946"] to display a gallery.

    1. Probably the best way is to create a Weaver Slider Post post page that has the gallery short code with the list of image ids. This lets you more easily manage different slide shows, and in fact, this is the very easiest way to create different slide shows. Then you have to connect the [show_sliders] shortcode to that page by creating a Slider that has all the layout options, etc. You connect a slider to a slider show specification (the Weaver Slider Posts) using the “Quick Option” – Slider Post Slug to specify the page. And then insert the appropriate [slider_post] into whatever page you want it to show.

    2. You can also simply check the Enable gellery Replacement on the [Gallery]/Lightbox tab, and specify a Slider definition for how to display  the gallery.


    basically, when you create the slider post, you don’t give it the gallery format.

    You click Add media above the content editor, Then select Create Galllery in the top left of the window that opens

    Then after selecting all the images, you select Create Gallery at the bottom right.

    Then in the new page you select Insert Gallery at the bottom right so that it inserts the gallery shortcode in the content of your slider post.

    You slider post content should only have that shortcode as weaver explained

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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