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    The time has come for the end of Weaver II and Weaver II Pro with the new WordPress 5.0 release. (Please re-read that. This announcement applies only to Weaver II and Weaver II Pro. It does not apply to Weaver Xtreme!)

    We have stated in the past that we would do emergency compatibility fixes for Weaver II and Weaver II Pro for the foreseeable future. Well, the future is NOW.

    I believe that Weaver II will run and work okay with WordPress 5.0, but I have done a very brief test. The display of pages and posts seems fine, but there may be issues with the menus working. I have not had time to check this out more.

    But given the very significant changes in the entire WP page/post handling beginning with WP 5.0, I simply do not have the resources to make updates to Weaver II Pro which has had no developement for several years  now.


    Time for me to update my own website!!!!



    Weaver II pro is excellent theme and I’m sorry it won’t be updated anymore.
    I tried to update to waever-xtreame and got this error message:Could not create folder uploads / 2018/12. Check that the parent folder is writable.
    Uploaded with file manager and it works.
    I hope extreme is as good as weaver II pro was or better.

    By the way, since I paid for life time for the pro, I get the new pro for free? (there is one?)


    Make sure you read the conversion article below

    Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme

    Xtreme has pretty much everything WII had plus a lot more 🙂

    Xtreme is not an update of WII it is a new theme. Unlike WII which had a Base theme Weaver II, and a pro Theme, Weaver II pro, Xtreme has the main Theme Weaver Xtreme, and an advanced plugin for it, Weaver Xtreme “Plus” which is a paid one.

    There is no correspondence between the two generations, so you will need to purchase the “Plus” plugin is you find out you do need it. There was a special pricing for WII pro users the first year of the Xtreme release, but that is long gone.

    I suggest you first experiment with Xtreme and then see if you do need the Plus plugin.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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