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    This is my twelfth attempt. Getting cranky now. 🙁



    We have finally figured this one out, and it is not pretty.

    Somehow or another, @ned has gotten onto the Akismet spam list – probably through the IP address.

    This may be because Comcast rotates IPs, and Ned may have gotten a rotten new IP.

    We are trying to figure out how to get Ned off Akismet’s list. This post shows now because I can manually un-spam the post, but Ned probably still can’t reply.

    I went through the spam posts (which I normally never do, but will try to monitor for false positives in the future), and there have been a couple of other false positives in the past. So if you try to post and it won’t show up, it is possibly an Akismet issue.



    Thanks for all your detective work on this, Weaver.
    I was able to post a comment, so apparently, my IP address is off the blacklist.

    Here’s the comment I posted:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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