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    Hi guys

    Sorry if this is a simple thing but I have spent hours and not found a solution.

    Using Weaver for a new site and want to insert galleries with describing text. So far I like Next Gen best in the slider format. The problem is, I see no way to make the slider stick to the left of the page, or anywhere for that matter – it always jumps to the centre, which doesn’t look nice together with the describing text above it. I can’t find any settings but perhaps I’m looking for the wrong thing. Any advice?

    In the past I used to just stick the gallery in between the text and it would have options to line it out however I wanted. But that was before the block structure..





    Do you have a page URL which you can share, and are you using Xtreme or Xtreme Plus?



    Normally a block should have menu options for the alignment of the content and you should be able to select left align there.

    If you are not finding the option, please provide a link to the page with the slider with details of what should change.



    Thanks for the replies, I’m using Weaver Xtreme.

    Here’s the page – https://rafalenssens.be/index.php/work/

    I do not see anywhere menu options for the alignment of the content, not even for the text – although that’s not a problem here. My friend, who I make the page for, finally doesn’t mind the slideshow to be in the centre, so if I can’t change it, it’s no big deal, but I would like to know for myself


    If you look at mobile / tablet views, everything is centered like I think you want.

    I think you have a right sidebar set in the layout settings, and it has no content, so that is the big blank space on the right.

    But within the descriptions and the display images, I do think having the images centered under the text will look the best, and that would be the conventional layout, especially when the whole slider pops up.


    @weaver, he wanted to know how to align the content of the block LEFT instead of the current center.

    Look closer in your block option, and I know it can be quite confusing to find the right option for the right part….

    Right now it looks like you have selected full width for the block column…

    that said the alignment of the gallery is most likely an option in the gallery plugin. If not we would need to use custom CSS to change the way it is centered right.

    That said the biggest issue is like weaver mentioned, the fact that your page is set to have a right sidebar, but there are no widget in the sidebar primary or secondary area, so the right is empty and makes the site looks like everything is shifted left.

    Sidebar layout can be set globally for each page type in the settings, or can be changed individually on each page using the page editing page options.


    Weaver thanks for the reply,

    I actually wanted to outline everything on the left, but like I said the artist is happy with it being centered.

    There is a right sidebar indeed but that will only be visible on the blog page, to navigate through the latest posts. That shouldn’t be a reason why I can’t choose the outline though?

    Thanks again,


    If the sidebar will only be filled on one page, then you should set your sidebar layout globally to No sidebar, and activate the right sidebar only on the page that needs it.

    I edited my last post, so you may want to re read it …


    The sidebar advice was helpful, and I did find some other settings via the weaver introduction theme which I had not found before, thanks for all the advice – I may actually also centre the text, which after all is possible, for some reason I had placed the first gallery inside the first text block, and like that there was no alignment possible for the text neither.

    Thanks for all the tips,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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