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    Please bear with me, and I totally expect to catch some flak. I built this website in 2010-2011 and maintained it until about 2018. It hasn’t been touched since. The website works, the information is correct, and tourists make bookings and contact us through it. It uses Weaver II Pro which I know may be an issue with some features.


    Now, I know using WordPress is entirely different now with Gutenberg, blocks, etc. All this is unfamiliar to me.
    Basically, it will probably be me learning to build a website from scratch like 12 years ago.
    Frankly, I am not sure how much effort I want to put in going through the entire website and trying to fix everything that might be broken or needs to be updated.

    But, I am, at least, going to give it a glance and see what I might be able to “easily” do.
    My apologies if I forget the correct terminology for features and items. It’s been a while.

    So, let me start with a first question…
    I need to insert a Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Badge (widget) in the First Footer below the “Find and Follow Us” block

    I thought I could
    Add Block
    Add Code
    Voila, it will work

    But that does not work.
    When I add the code (this link/code) only the code text is visible, but not the Tripadvisor Badge/Image/Link


    Previously, everyone here has been helpful and patient with my troubles. I hope so again 🙂
    Thank you for any help
    Please feel free to give me some flak for neglecting this for so long



    If you are trying to add HTML, I believe you need to use a special block made to interpret HTML

    And you seriously need to consider upgrading to Weaver Xtreme, because Weaver II pro is totally obsolete and unsupported by now.



    Thank you for your kind and patient reply.
    I tried your suggestion.

    I added a Block

    Selected “Custom HTML” widget and pasted the exact Tripadvisor code, and updated
    I look at the website, and the Tripadvisor Badge/Image flashes for a second and disappears
    I’m not sure what I did wrong

    2) Can you please refer me to the instructions for upgrading to Weaver Xtreme? Should I expect any major problems?

    Briefly looking through my pages almost everything still looks like it is functioning correctly
    But, I do have another issue coming up

    When I am in WP Admin, “something” is creating a whole new page called “Top Ten Photo Album” I know that I never ever made that page at any time. I think it is coming from the WP Photo Album Plus Plugin.
    I have Trashed and permanently deleted the Page, but it shows up the next time I open WP Admin
    I suppose that I could set all the Hide Page options, but I would rather never have this page.
    I will also contact the WPPA Plugin

    Thank you again
    I may be at this for a while until I get things checked out.
    It is, basically, a static site that needs few changes (though the visual style is a bit outdated)





    Here the article about the conversion

    Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme – Weaver Xtreme Guide (weavertheme.com)

    But given your site if fairly standard, you could also simply activate Xtreme and select the Subtheme closest to what you like, then finalize settings manually. That will give you the opportunity to refresh the site to modern standards.

    Remember that until you are done doing the settings on Xtreme, you can always go back and forth between Weaver II and Xtreme, until Xtreme looks like you want.

    The page you mention that is created is most likely an option of the plugin, hopefully with a way to deactivate it.




    Thank you again. I will look into this more after the New Year. I do not think that I want to ruin everyone’s holidays with a lot of questions and problems 🙂

    It’s probably best to upgrade first before attempting to fix things that may not be working correctly or add/edit pages.

    The instructions for upgrading to Weaver Xtreme look daunting. As I remember, I think that’s why I bypassed it years ago. But, obviously, the theme needs to be upgraded if I keep using Weaver.
    The mysteriously appearing page seems to have disappeared even though I did not change anything. I also received a reply from the WPPA plugin admin, too.

    Thank you and happy holidays


    You have nothing to lose just installing Xtreme and activating it with a subtheme you like, then have a look and see how much you want to tweak the style.

    If you decide it is too much, then you can reactivate Weaver II and follow the upgrade procedure.

    That said, the procedure is long, but only because it is extremely detailed to make it as simple as possible.

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