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    We’ve just uploaded the latest release of Weaver Xtreme Plus: Version 1.1.

    You should get a notice in your normal WordPress dashboard that the update is available.

    The biggest addition is support for MegaMenus and SmartMenus. You can create your own menu customization never before possible with Weaver!

    = Version 1.1 =
    * New: Mega Menu Support
    * New: SmartMenus alternative menu support
    * New: support for compatible Weaver II Pro shortcodes
    * New: additional background-xxx option field for BG Images
    * Tweak: Mobile menu icon
    * Fix: handling of empty button definitions
    * Fix: style bug in [search]
    * Fix: Per Post t/b padding value fixed
    * Fix: Extra Menu right HTML display
    * Fix: Deletion of added fonts could cause difficulties if try to re-add same font
    * Fix/WARNING: The previous version of the CloudFlare plugin (if you use the CloudFlare service)
    had a bug that might have corrupted any .wxall or .wxfonts saved settings files. This Cloud Flare
    bug could also corrupt other saved settings that happen to contain a string like
    “href=’http://example.com'”. If you happen to have a corrupted settings file, it will not
    load properly, but will not change any current settings. We suggest that you save new copies of
    your settings.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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