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    Just a littly FYI for everyone.

    I’ve recently been notified that Google is changing how they serach my sites from now on. They will base the search on the Mobile version of a site, and no longer use the desktop version. With Weaver Xtreme and other responsive sites, the results should be similar. The ultimate results will depend if Google processes @media CSS directives, in which case, the results for a mobile vs desktop site could be quite different.

    But mostly, it shows that right now, a significant majority of site visits are to the mobile version of your site, and the desktop look is no longer primary.

    This means you should carefully examine what your site displays on mobile, and perhaps even concentrate way more on the mobile layout instead of the desktop look. This really indicates a big change in site design, perhaps.



    Thanks Weaver. Good advice: concentrate way more on the mobile layout instead of the desktop look.

    I have to admit that will be a hard transition for me as I build on desktop and adjust on mobile. Will have to switch my process around.




    I haven’t read a lot in other places about the new policy, but it does seem to mark yet another major paradigm shift imposed on the world by Google.

    If you have suggestions for new features for Weaver Xtreme (probably with Xtreme Plus plugin) that might help with the mobile view, I’d appreciate hearing about what you think (or anyone else, for that matter). My thought now might be more options for the mobile menu, and perhaps an easier way to handle mobile vs desktop content other than the [show_if] shortcode. Perhaps Gutenberg blocks?



    As I understand the Google Mobile emphasis, a moving target at best, it has moved past the “Mobile Look”, or “Responsive Pages”, etc. And, the real emphasis is on AMP,  the fast loading pages–currently.

    The word I have heard is that the machine learning Bot will be emphasized and it is currently being pushed with full access to the ML kit with the various API’s that it works with–(voice and text recognition, face detection, and auto-reply bots) to their TensorFlowLite. On all of these, they provide the working API’s and host the API models on firebase with extreme compression.

    Google ms-kit

    There’s various collections of open sourced API’s on Github and the others.

    This is what I am trying to put into my news aggregator site, API’s that do a analysis of accuracy, bias, emotional score, and other API’s that can pull up data from WHOIS, FOIA requests, Social Media, geocode, and basically the many journalism tools that have been developed by Poynter Group and others that are opensource yet aren’t in the citizen’s hands yet. And, some that are, but no one knows about… ISPY for voting records  and the Galaxy from votesmart

    Look at what’s available at Mashape— we are in for a fun ride very soon…Mashape Marketplace

    I’m in way over my head (Dammit Jim, I’m a chef, not a coder!!!). So, right now I’m just trying to get the frame together.

    Anyway… that’s the word from the data guys like Or Levi.




    My ideas:
    Blocks for mobile with restricted width so we don’t design beyond what is visible on mobile.  Mobile and desktop have [show_if] functionality already built in, so no shortcode added to either block.

    I’ve done a little bit of research into good mobile views, and here are some interesting design elements I have found:

    • Use of link buttons with images, graphics and text
    • Background images
    • No more than 4 columns with very small thumbnails
    • Device wide tabbed menus
    • A footer area for social, link to home, other links
    • Slideshow with tiny carousel thumbs
    • Dividers (rules, colors or text) between sections
    • Horizontal menus instead of hamburger menu. They slide horizontally to show more menu links.
    • Posts images in Masonry layout linking to single posts
    • Text sitting on top of images
    • Two column posts with title and meta and image (FI). Links to single page.
    • Categories/Tags images in thumbnail carousel. Images link to inside pages.
    • Use of illustration and animation
    • Videos

    These are design layouts that I find interesting and will start incorporating into my mobile views (except animation, which too much of makes me dizzy!). We also need to know our clients, ie a Purchasing Manager sitting in an office will be using desktop far more than mobile to place orders.




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