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    The Weaver Xtreme recommends for MB comment, etc appears on the “edit pages” and not just the plug in page.


    There are cases where this is a problem as it is  “Underneath “due to formatting and I can’t get to the “Title” etc without contortions.

    I have all the MB plugins, but there was a deal on the Developer package which has all of them in ONE plugin.  It isn’t recognized tho.

    Thank you.




    I really don’t know what you are asking. I have no clue what you mean by “MB comment”.

    The only place plugin recommendations show up are on the Legacy Weaver Admin -> Help tab, so I don’t really know what you mean or want.

    Could you be a bit more descriptive of where you are seeing that message and exactly what it says?



    intrusive plugin actionhttp://www.mercurytimes.us/weaver-recommends/


    The following I cannot dismiss and is on EVERY backend page.

    The Weaver Xtreme Theme recommends these plugins, MB Comment Meta, MB Custom Post Type, MB Relationships, MB Rest API, Meta Box – Beaver Themer Integrator, Meta Box – FacetWP Integrator, Meta Box Text Limiter and Meta Box for Yoast SEO, to enhance your theme experience.
    Begin installing plugins



    Your links are not accessible.

    I do not see the message you reference on any backend page, and certainly not page or post editing pages.

    I only see plugin recommendations where Weaver mentioned which is the theme Help page.

    What version of the theme are you running?

    What version of the Theme Support plugin are you running?

    Be specific about a few of the locations where you see that message, and eventually make a screen copy and post it here (host the image in your site library)



    Weaver Xtreme does not, nor has it ever recommended MB comment plugins. I have no clue where that message is coming from, nor why it includes “Weaver Xtreme Theme”  in its display message. That is definitely not something coming from Weaver Xtreme and is why your question was so confusing.

    Weaver Xtreme will display a recommendation box at the top of at least some of the dashboard pages until you either install the recommended plugins, or click the “Dismiss this notice” on the bottom line.

    But how or why you are seeing messages about MB whatever is a mystery. It is possible that some theme/plugin is improperly using the library commonly used by many themes and plugins to show recommended plugins. But all of correctly installed instances of that should provide the “Dismiss this notice” option.

    So to find the culprit, you may have to disable non-Weaver plugins until the issue goes away.



    Or may be a hack…

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