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    I installed a Weaver Show Posts filter to replace the filter in the per page options of Weaver II Pro. The filtered posts show up. However, they are not displayed as expected. The page shows a bunch of current (unfiltered) posts *before* the show-post filtered posts.
    See http://ssnet.org/about-us/fundamental-beliefs-seventh-day-adventists/holy-scriptures-fundamental-belief/

    I paid for the original Weaver Xtreme Pro but never got around to using it because I couldn’t seem to make it work properly on a test site. That version’s licence has run out and I paid for 5 licenses of the new plugin when I figured out how to more or less duplicate the current look and feel on another site with different content.
    Now I want to convert my main site asap and am trying to prepare for it by making sure the pages with “show posts” show up correctly.

    I did run the conversion tool for the “show posts.” However, this page and some others did not show the normal “show-posts” code in the body. Can I just trust it to show the pages correctly after converting the theme to Weaver Xtreme Pro?



    I may be confused, but if you are going to convert to Xtreme (which you should 🙂 ) then why do you care what is going on on weaver II?

    That said, in weaver II, If you are going to use the weaver show post shortcode on your page, you need top select the default page template and NOT the page with posts template, or it will interfere with the show post.

    To convert to xtreme, make sur to read and follow the article below




    Thanks for the response. 🙂

    I understand from reading some of the “conversion” posts that the [show_posts filter=filter-name] code will survive a conversion to Weaver Xtreme, and I need to do everything I can to prepare for the conversion. (There is seldom time of day or night when there are fewer than half a dozen people or so on the blog.)

    The sample page I referenced is not accessed all that often, so it’s not critical if it doesn’t show up correctly. But my whole front page is a page with posts.

    So why does the code not work properly in Weaver II Pro? Can I expect it to work better after conversion?



    As I said, it looks like you placed a show post shortcode inside a page with posts which does not work.

    There are no known issue with show posts, so you wont have a problem with xtreme.

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    Thanks for the response, but I’m still having trouble:

    I changed the template back to “Default” page template, and now it does’t work at all.
    No posts with the correct tag show up – only current posts without such a tag. (You can see the excerpts of related posts if you scroll down on this page. The categories for each excerpt are listed underneath:


    The posts that should be showing up are from this category: http://ssnet.org/wp-admin/edit.php?category_name=holy-scriptures-fundamental-belief-1

    What am I missing? (I want to be  on top of this before changing the theme. This and a bunch of other glitches on my test site.)

    Also, Weaver Xtreme includes a “Page with posts” option. How is that supposed to be used??



    You need to go back to the filter you created and check all the options there.

    Then you add the show post shortcode based on that filter in you page by clicking the Add show post button above the content editor, and select the filter you created.

    Xtreme like weaver II has a page with post template that you can use to display posts on a page with a lot of formatting options.

    you only need to use show posts if you need to mix content and posts in the same page, or need several group of posts (different show posts.

    But to just display certain posts in a certain way, the page with posts template is usually enough and there is no need to use show posts



    Ah, thanks. The explanation of the difference between page with posts and the show_posts filter makes sense.

    Whew! It’s finally working, because I finally understand how it’s supposed to be set up.
    Thanks much!!

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