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    So I got a vertical menu to show up at
    but I want it to look at least somewhat like
    If I can just get a clear or white background with normal (theme-matched) link color, I’ll be happy.
    I can style with CSS if I know *what* to style.
    I need to get the site transferred to Weaver Xtreme ASAP because the mobile menu is broken in Weaver II Pro.
    I just need utilitarian now and leave innovative till later. 😉




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    I am confused by your phrase “I need to get the site transferred to Weaver Xtreme ASAP ” as the site you referred to is already on Xtreme.

    Your vertical menu on the left is a “Plus” Extra menu, so you can style it in Main options > Menus > Extra menu

    When you add the menu in the sidebar using the Wvr-X-Plus menu widget, you have an option to select the extra style (you can also use the primary or secondary menu style if appropriate)



    Thanks for this! I am working on a test site (the one with the Xtreme theme) before I convert the main site.
    Appreciate the hint re the Weaver X-Plus menu. And in the meantime, I tried out the plain Menu widget, choosing “Vertical Menu,” and it gave me pretty much what I wanted for the time being.

    Again, thanks a lot! Will be experimenting with the Weaver X-Plus menu.




    I *had* put in the correct styling for “Extra Menu.” The only thing I missed was applying the “Extra Menu” style to the X-Plus Menu.
    Am calm now, rather than frustrated. 😉

    Thanks loads!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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