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    Hi, I have a problem which I have tried to resolve by reading the documentation, but this issue is not addressed. My web site uses Weaver II Pro 2.1.12, with a cascading navigation menu defined by Weaver at Appearance > Weaver II Pro Admin > Main Options > Menus (Options for the Menu Bar and the Info Bar). This produced a cascading menu bar which was originally one line long, with sub-items that appeared on mouseover.

    A couple of months ago, a routine upgrade corrupted the menu system. Visit http://www.emnr.org with a desktop browser to see what I mean. What was formerly a single-line nav menu now occupies 10 lines at the top of each page.  It degrades to a one-line menu on a hand-held device, but on a full-screen browser it’s horrible.

    I have duplicated the web site on my development machine, upgraded to Weaver Xtreme, and purchased a license to the Xtreme Plus plug-in, hoping that it would give me access to the menu objects. I have things mostly working except the menu. I’d be more than glad to delete the entire menu system and rebuild it from scratch. Unfortunately, the menu elements (list items) are not accessible within Weaver Xtreme. At this point, I need to call on the forum for assistance.

    What do you suggest?






    Unfortunately, with the current design of WordPress, menus do not always transfer from one theme to another.

    I would assume if you switch back to Weaver II, the proper menus will show again?

    Sometimes it is just a simple matter of reassigning a custom menu definition to the proper menu area in the new theme. But sometimes WordPress loses menu definitions between themes.

    I don’t know for sure, but it is possible that there are plugins to save and restore menu definitions to move them between themes.

    At the very worst case, you might have to see what all items are included on the old custom menu definition under Weaver II and manually recreate those menus with Weaver Xtreme.



    Hi Keymaster, and thanks for the quick reply. The link that I provided was already Weaver II. My Weaver Xtreme installation is running on a xampp installation on my localhost. I followed minutely the Weaver document on “Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme” and it did not resolve the issue.

    My immediate issue is knowing how to locate and delete the menu. For example, in “Customizing Menu Content” , the sidebar for “Menus” says “It doesn’t look like your site has any menus yet”, although the live preview clearly shows the corrupted menubar to the right. There is normally a pencil icon to the upper-left of in any editable objects on the live preview, but my menus have no pencil icon for them.

    Under Appearance > Menus > Edit Menu, it reads “Create your first menu below”, so it does not recognize these items as menus.

    I was able to find a working example of my site on archive.org, which had the menus in a proper one-line mode with active cascade. When I examine the list items in Firefox Developer Edition, I see that they had values like this, except that I show angle brackets with braces to avoid HTML issues:

     {li id="menu-item-47" class="menu-item menu-item-post-type menu-item-object-page menu-item-47"}
         {a hef="http://example.com/events/"}Events{/a}

    The same elements on the corrupted pages (both Weaver II and Weaver Xtreme) show the menu items like this:

     {li class="page_item page-item-110"}
         {a href="http://example.com/events/"}Events{/a}

    The working setup had id attributes for the list items, and the non-working have the id-numbers missing, and a different convention in class names (that is, “menu-item-47” rather than “page-item-110”). Finally, the number sequences are different.

    Here is a sample of what I can see but cannot access:

    menu is grayed out, not accessible

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,




    The best way to see your CUSTOM menu definitions is from the dahsboard Appearance : Menus menu, and not the Customizer view. I believe you have the create a new menu by name before you can add items.

    If you do have retained custom menu definitions, they should show up there, and may have to be assigned to the Primary menu (or secondary if that is what you have set up.)

    If you don’t have any custom menus defined, Weaver Xtreme will automatically display the “default” menu, which is typically not supported by many recent themes (like TwentyNineteen).

    The Customizer version may not support the default theme, thus the message of no defined menus.

    I will not be available for additional support until next Friday.




    So just go to Appearance menu, and create a new custom menu, and add the items you want in it in the hierarchy you want.

    Then assign that menu to be the Primary menu, and that should establish the new menu.

    Do make sure that in Main options > menus, the Primary menu is set to be visible on all devices.


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