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    Hi, I am using most current Xtreme theme (5.0.5) and, although my problem is with Siteorigin Pagebuilder, I first wanted to seek your insight, since Xtreme does indicate some Pagebuilder features and that may be part of what I’m trying to do. On this page – https://ciceronewyork.net/main/ – I have a row of three columns, all specified as 33% of width: Special Topics, Recent Posts, and Upcoming Meetings. However, they all appear left-justified. Is there any Xtreme setting that may account for this? If not, I’ll post to the Siteorigin page. Thanks for any insight.



    First make sure you update to 5.0.6 of the theme and to the latest Xterme Theme support.

    What I see on the page, is :

    Starting with Special Topics is a Single main container that is set to 33% of the page width

    Inside of that 33% wide container are Three containers

    First one is Special topics and is 100% of the parent (33% of the page)

    Second and third one (Recent posts and Upcoming meetings) are set to 33% of the parent (10% of the page) and stacked on top of each other.

    So it looks like you may have messed up how you setup in siteorigin


    Where are you specifying 3 columns? Using Weaver’s multi-column option? Or Siteorigin

    I would suspect that Weaver’s content-3-col class is not compatible with a sitebuilder.

    If not, then your issue likely lies with how you’re using Siteorigin.

    I really coudn’t figure out just what was supposed to be happening with the 3 different bg colors on our site, or how you generated those.


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    Your insight that the first entry was 100% of the parent gave me a clue; I had previewed the page after inserting first widget. I started over, creating all three widgets before previewing and everything worked fine. The columns were created with Siteorigin and you’re right; my problem was in my sequence of steps with their plugin. I would have posted to them after checking for any Xtreme implications. As it was, you guys seem able to solve anything and I do appreciate your help. THANKS,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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