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    I have been searching the internet to find out how to move a post’s publish date to the bottom rather than on the top. I have come across a lot of solutions similar to the one below.

    “You would need to edit the file “single.php” in you themes folder.
    this file is responsible for the layout of the individual posts.
    Look for a line similar to this:

    Added on /<?php the_time(“Y”); ?>/<?php the_time(“m”); ?>”><?php the_time(“d.m.Y”); ?>


    But I don’t want to mess with the theme code, at least not before checking here.

    I have also examined the Weaver admin controls “under post specifics” and saw how to hide the date, but not how to move it. Am I missing something in the Weaver admin controls that would move the date?






    This is not possible without either creating a child theme or using an option available in Weaver Xtreme Plus.

    The Weaver Xtreme Plus options allows you to completely customize both the top and bottom meta info associated with posts. You can include arbitrary text, as well as put all the information about dates, etc. wherever you want.

    You can read about it by opening this page:


    and scrolling down a bit to the Custom Post Info Lines section. You can also look at the help file from the copy included with the theme installed on your own site as well – just substitute your URL for weavertheme.com.


    Thanks Weaver.

    So I went into Post Specifics: Custom Info Lines: Bottom Post Info Line and inserted: %date%.

    The date now shows up at the bottom of the posts when posts are listed on the homepage, searches and in categories, but the date is not showing on the bottom on the actually post page. How do I get it to do that?




    You have four boxes in that section. The top two are for blog pages, the bottom two for single post page, so you also need to fill in the single post page …


    Ok. Got it. One box says, “Bottom Post Info Line”. That’s the box I checked yesterday.

    Another box says, “Bottom Post Info Line (Single)”.

    This time I checked the “Bottom Post Info Line (Single)” and it worked.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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