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    I just moved my blogger blog to my Website. http://www.lasartor.com

    The posts are in the dashboard, but I don’t know how to make them show in a menu, so when people click they’ll show up.

    I have a BLOG menu item, but it was a redirect to Blogger and when I click it now it only shows the home page.

    So I’m sorta screwed at the moment.  Honestly I should have waited, I just lost my mom and was trying to find a way to get back to normal. Ha. Total fool.

    Help, please.



    I went to http://anindieadventure.blogspot.com/ directly, and it redirected me to your home page.

    It looks like you have a loop there which needs to be broken to be able to access blogspot.

    You could try making that BLOG menu item call a new local lasartor.com page, rather than blogspot. Then set that page to display blogspot as an IFRAME – which is a standard Xtreme page template option.



    Okay, I’m trying to make sense of what you’re saying, as I’m nervous that I blew this so far.

    So if I understand correctly, you’re suggesting that I make my current blog page a new local page as it was linked to blogspot before. I can make it in addition to my current home page? How do I make it display blogspot?

    While I was incredibly careful to copy code to both blogger and my website as instructed. I don’t think I can start the process over.

    I’m not a neophyte at this, but I think everything is overwhelming as I’m dealing with the grief and shouldn’t have started yet.

    Thanks so much,



    What does “show posts” do to any of this? Should I be changing any of that?


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    I am confused here.

    Are you saying you copied all your blog posts from blogger to your WordPress site where they now appear as posts?

    If so, do you wan to create a blog page that show these now WordPress Posts?

    If so, then create a new page, in the page editing page  > Page attribute box, select the template “page with posts” and publish.

    That page will now be your WordPress blog page, its page editing page has all the weaver options to decide how you wish to display these posts.

    To make sure it is not treated a the default WordPress blog page which cannot be edited by the theme, go to your dashboard > Settings > Reading

    Beside your home page display as, select a Static page

    In the Blog page drop down list make sure nothing is selected (showing select).

    Now all you need to do is add the new blog page you created to your menu. Normally your menu should be created as a WordPress Custom Menu in Appearance > menu, and if so, you can easily add it there where ever you want in your menu.



    Scrambler, to answer your first question, I did a redirect of Blogger to WP. The posts are all there under “posts”.

    However the redirect went to my home page. I can’t see the posts anywhere on my site.  If that is what you’re saying, then I can continue with your next suggestions?



    I cannot help with the redirect as I know nothing about blogger.

    But I am still confused. A redirect normally means the content stays where it is (blogger), and is just linked to in a new place (WP), if so I am not sure I see the point as you could just link to your blogger page from the WordPress menu.

    Hence my question. What is your point in this?

    Are you trying to get rid of Blogger and if so you should not be “redirecting” but porting the content over, or do you just wish to use the look of the theme WordPress page while keeping the content in blogger (which begs the question of will the new content be created and managed at Blogger?).



    Blogger has become an unreasonably hard program to use thus my moving the blog to WP.

    In order to keep all my posts and their SEO in blogger I need to keep my Blogger blog active. But the redirect sends it my WP site. Right now it’s redirect is going to my home page. I need to direct that to go to my blog page (tab).

    I have created a new blog page as you suggested, but I need to know how to show the posts on a specific page. All new posts will be created in WP.



    If you create a new page based on the “page with posts” template, then all your post should automatically display on it, and the page editing page will have options to format it.

    This is assuming that the blogger posts are showing up in the dashboard under posts

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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