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    I want to move this logo to the left on phones I am using this but does not move logo .smlogo {padding-left: 250px;}

    when I change this .is-mobile .wvrx-menu-right {font-size:45%;} form 45% to 50% the font gets really large text on the right of logo?



    We need more details here.

    What is “this logo”. Is it the phone icon at the top right?

    If it is, what are you trying to do exactly.

    Are you trying to move just the phone iconĀ  left so it wont be aligned with the other icons?

    Are you trying to move the 3 icons so there is more space between the icons and the text?


    As for the text size, if I change it from 45% to 50% it gets a little bigger which is normal. If this is not what you get, make the change, and leave it on so we can see




    No the logo is on the left side the circle yes I want to move logo more to the left side. I will make the change form 45 to 50 today and you can take a look just on small device phones.


    The logo is the WP custom logo.

    You have a custom CSS rule that increases the left margin on all devices

    .menu-primary .custom-logo-on-menu {margin-left:2em;}

    So if you want a different value just on phones add a phone rule like below

    .is-phone .menu-primary .custom-logo-on-menu {margin-left:0.5em;}

    For the font rule, I see you font size rule with 50% and the text is small when I reduce the browser to mobile size, so not sure what you are saying

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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