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    I have moved my site from Weaver to Weaver II then to Weaver Xtreme Pro. I really love this theme and there is so much to learn. However, my primary goal right now is to get my website mobile ready for Google.  I keep getting “links too close together” and “content wider than screen” errors from Google and am trying to figure out if this is a theme issue or a problem with my ads, images, etc. I have changed my Google and Amazon ads to auto-size for mobile and tablets. Here are two links that have passed the mobility test: http://howtoovercomeanxietytoday.com/meditation-benefits and http://howtoovercomeanxietytoday.com/panic-attacks. Here is an example of one of the posts that failed with the errors mentioned previously: http://howtoovercomeanxietytoday.com/anxiety-and-diet.  If I am doing something wrong with my theme I would appreciate any help with this matter as my eyes are crossed and I can no longer see straight. 🙂



    I don’t see any issue with the page http://howtoovercomeanxietytoday.com/anxiety-and-diet  everything appears to scale responsively.

    SO unless google gives your specifics, I see nothing to “fix”


    It’s really cool if you have the premium version, but you should have the Plus Plugin, there is no Xtreme Pro.

    Where you had your site checked ?
    I loaded your meditation link in Google PageSpeed Insights and it’s the last section about mobile usability.

    Then check each one from the list, e.g.:
    * the social icons from menu bar are too small, size can be increased after reading the help file.
      I see those icons has no links to click.
    * The breadcrumb links are too small, there are a few settings in the Menu > Infobar section. And so on…

    Sharing icons seems to be huge !


    @scrambler, Thanks for taking a look!

    @Remus, I have the Plus Plugin and thanks so much for recommending Google PageSpeed Insights. I was checking my site through Google Webmaster Mobility Usability and the error messages were not as in depth as “Insights” I will check this out, do some adjustments and let you know how it goes.

    Yes, I do need to change the size of the sharing icons. I don’t like the look of the sharing icons either, too busy looking, going to search for a better social plugin.

    Thank you both for your help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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