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    I have only two links in mobile primary menu, and I would better leave it always open, and hide the toggle icon.
    I think I’ve seen an answer for this, but can’t remember where !
    Using Weaver Xtreme with Plus plugin.

    Thank you !


    Are you saying you want the menu bar to stay there all the time an not transition to the slide open mobile menu.

    If so, and given you have plus, you can use Smart Menu (top of main options > Menus page) and change the Mobile switch point to a value below 580px


    It’s only the primary menu (with Contact, About) that I need to be always open, on any device. The other with many category links, would be better with usual behaviour.

    One more thing, I would never ever use smart menus, as I hunt every detail that could improve performance. And it adds one more JS “above the fold”.


    The difference between using Smart Menus or not would not be measurable by any fair standard. That is not a good reason not to use them.

    While in the past, optimizing every millisecond may have been beneficial, one really needs to design for now, and not yesterday. Design for the vast majority of your users who will be using modern browsers on fast web connections. They will appreciate some of the nice advantages of Smart Menus, and never notice any essentially unmeasurable dealy caused by one more JS. These menu scripts MUST be at the top to give good performance on the menus. Only the menu script really used (standard or Smart Menus) will be invoked.

    People with older browsers or slower connections are used to things working a bit more slowly for all sites they visit, and the difference of not loading a few JavaScripts will not really be anything they notice.

    So I would recommend that you re-evaluate your preference for performance over style. In the end, having a more useable and flashy web site will win over a few milliseconds.

    There is no way to force any of the standard menus (one at a time) to “force open”. You might consider using the [extra_menu] shortcode in an appropriate insertion area using a simple horizontal menu. Even the header mini-menu might serve your purposes.


    You could use an extra menu shortcode using the minimalist Horizontal menu_type, and add the necessary styling to it

    If you do decide you could use Smart menu, and if you only want to affect the threshold of the primary menu, you could eventually try the “extensive” manual solution described here.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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