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    Wvr X-Plus menu widget located in Primary Sidebar using Primary Menu
    Menu appears correctly except when views on a smaller device the menu drops below the content and the smart menu does not appear.

    This is a new site with few non-Weaver plugins installed: https://carbonfootprintproductions.com/
    (Currently these is only minimal content on the Home page.)

    I must be missing something but I simply cannot determine the problem. I have turned off all plugins one by one but no help.
    I have optimized Java Scripts as well as CSS still no joy.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Can you possibly provide a temporary password to view the site?

    At the moment is says “This site is password protected while under development. Enter your password to access the development site.”



    My apologies… I thought I had turned off the protection!

    The password is now off!
    All the best,

    The fact the sidebar drops below the content is based on the sidebar layout you chose.

    If you want the sidebar to stay above the content chose sidebar left (stack on top)

    And I do see the menu below the content, so I am not sure what you mean by the smart menu does not appear.


    Right… neglected to check the sidebar layout.

    I had meant to say “mobile menu” rather than “smart menu”.

    Is it possible to make the Primary menu (in a widget located in the left sidebar) disappear to be replaced by the mobile menu?

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    You cannot make an extra menu show the Hamburger icon.

    But what you could do is activate the main primary menu on mobile (hidden on desktop), and hide the extra menu in the sidebar on mobile

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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