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    Hi, I have a problem with the mini menu.
    I try to change the margin but it doesn’t respond to the css rule

    #nav-header-mini {

             margin-top: 32px!important;

    it is possible to change that rule?
    I write it in the editor theme in the child theme but nothing changes …

    Please provide a link to your site and explain what you are trying to achieve



    The mini menu (pink color) has a top margin of 32px

    I want to change that margin but I write the css rule and nothing changes…

    #nav-header-mini  {

             margin-top : 2px;

    I write that rule in the editor but nothing changes…
    Thank you!
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    A few things are going on.

    First, the header mini menu top margin has its own setting in the theme so there is no need for custom CSS. The margin can be set in em in Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main Options > Menus > Header mini menu > Mini Menu Top Margin


    Customizing ▸ Spacing, Widths, Alignment >Menus > Header mini menu > Mini Menu Top Margin

    BUT, it appears you have inserted somewhere a CSS rule below


    I am confused where that is coming from as it seems to be in the HTML instead of in a CSS file. But if you do not remember where you put it, check the Theme Global Custom CSS Rule box and the mini menu CSS+ boxes

    You should also remove the one hiding the site title and tagline, and use the theme Option to hide them.

    If you cannot find the offending rule, we can come up with CSS to override it, but it would be cleaner to remove the custom rule and use the theme option.


    I’m still having the same problem…


    it is a new free installation, I have not written code anywhere and i’m using theme options..


    the problem arises when I use the option to “hide logo” and “hide site title” of the page…


    Ok, problem solved using the hide <u>Site Title/Tagline</u> option in admin of weaver.

    Thanks for all!


    Thanks for reporting on what creates the CSS rules.

    If you do need to hide the Title tagline on a single page (and therefore use the page option) and wishes to correct the mini menu margin that comes with it, we can give you custom CSS for that page to do that.

    Let us know


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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